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Action expresses priorities. With action comes responsibility. We seek out pre-revenue, pre-product companies in huge un-sexy markets. We invest as strategic advisors, fractional operators, and capital providers. If you are an early stage founder, please fill out the form below, and we will setup an intro call if we see a fit.

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We are a group of 100+ accredited investors that invest in early-stage companies with a unique performance advantage led by David de Jesus & Patrick McCarthy.

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👋🏼 I'm David, I'm an experienced software engineer with over 10+ years of broad technical expertise at both venture backed startups and large corporations. My personal focus is coaching founders on financing, product, and preparation for a seed capital raise.

I am an alumni of Venture University, former Microsoft, former Red Bull.

I am also an advocate for Venture Studios - I founded The Gallery Studio Fund for Venture Studios - a fund dedicated to supporting emerging venture studio operators. The Gallery creates a soft landing into venture for experienced builders who intend to launch multiple companies in succession.

When not investing, I love to 🏄🏻‍♂️, 🛹, and 🏎💨.






My name's Patrick McCarthy - I'm a Fractional CFO and startup investor who's helped startups grow from founder->30 people, raise >$10M in funding, and grow revenue from 10K annually to >$10M while partnering with some of the largest advertisers and companies in the world.

As a Fractional CFO, I help early stage companies accelerate from 0->1, working closely with a portfolio of 8 companies, and advising another 30 founders and startups. I've built out complex financial infrastructures, managed enterprise SaaS and advertising financial models and budgets, structured cap tables and organizations, while also taking a heavy hand in operations.

As an angel, I recently joined the On Deck Angel community and have invested in 16 companies from hardware to the metaverse, along with another ~100 microinvestments through crowdfunding.

My personal goal is to support 1,000 founders through sweat or cash over the next 10 years.





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